Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Commercial Kitchen Flooring


DMB Flooring & Interiors LTD provides a safe, clean, purpose-built solution for food preparation and commercial kitchen flooring. DMB Flooring & Interiors LTD has long provided the flooring solution for Commercial Kitchen clients.

Our flooring provides a safe, hygienic barrier against the spillages commonly found on commercial kitchen flooring, including fats, oils, grease, detergents and acids. It also gives a durable, anti-slip surface to handle heavy footfall in an extremely hazardous environment.

DMB Flooring & Interiors LTD commercial kitchen flooring is the safest solution in the market and has certified slip ratings as well as ample upgrade potential for future modifications e.g. increase anti-skid, change colour scheme etc.

We provide flooring for commercial kitchen and food prep areas, mixing baking & rooms, chill rooms, ingredient stores, connecting corridors, gowning rooms and washrooms, thereby creating a safe and fit for purpose working environment.