Stairs Flooring

Stairways often experience some of the highest amounts of traffic in your home. For this reason, it can be difficult to decide on flooring for stairs that balances design, comfort, and durability.

Stairway Carpeting

If you are looking at carpet flooring for your stairs, choose a one with a short or loop pile such as Berber carpeting. A short, dense carpet will handle the heavy traffic and outlast those with longer fibers. We also recommend investing in a high quality pad to extend your carpet’s life. Carpeted stairs are less slippery, making carpet a great choice if you have children or stairs with a higher rise.

Stairway Tiling

Another durable option is ceramic or natural stone tile. Although it can be a bit chilly underfoot, tile offers an amazing number of design possibilities with a myriad of different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures to choose from. Tile can also be used as an accent when combined with other materials, such as wood, to add a unique design element to your staircase.

Hardwood Stairs

Thanks to its performance and style, one of the most popular choices for stairs is hardwood flooring. Hardwood stairs are easy to maintain, don’t trap dirt like carpet, and add elegance to your home. Engineered hardwood is another option for stairs that provides similar benefits to solid hardwood, but with added resistance to moisture, dents and scratches. One disadvantage however is that solid and engineered hardwood are more expensive than other materials.


Another great option to get a wood look is laminate, which is highly versatile, less expensive, and easier to maintain than solid or engineered hardwoods. Laminate floors have a very strong surface and won’t show wear the same way as carpet or hardwood.